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Poczta poczta elektroniczna to architektura komunikacji internetowej entuzjastycznie wykorzystywany za sprawą użytkowników w całym globie.

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Podroz do dalekim dalekim zakatku

Brasilia, nowoczesna stolicy Brazylii, nazywana jest „największą utopią architektoniczną XX wieku“. Miasto zbudowano w cztery lata na suchym płaskowyżu porośniętym sawanną, nad 1000 km od wybrzeża Atlantyku. Brasilia należy największym miastem na świecie, które nie istniało na początku XX wieku. W środę 5 grudnia 2012 r. w szpitalu w Rio de Janeiro zmarł nestor brazylijskiej oraz światowej architektury Oscar Niemeyer, zaledwie 10 dni zanim ukończeniem 105 lat.
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Why do We Call It as Pendulum Jaw Crusher?

Jaw crusher machine is mainly used for primarily crushing the raw materials, so that is also called primary jaw crusher or primary crushers. China Jaw crusher is one of the most important crushing machines in the stone crushing production line. It can be not only used for crushing stone materials, pebble and coal and be called stone jaw crusher, but used for manufacturing cement aggregate. But do you know Why do We Call It as Pendulum Jaw Crusher China ?

The top of the moving jaw hanging on the eccentric shaft directly, as a connecting rod connecting rod, a new direct drive pain of eccentric shaft, the lower end of the moving jaw hinge connecting thrust plate support after the frame of the wall.When the eccentric shaft rotation, the trajectories of each point on the moving jaw is a circular line of suspension (radius) is equal to the eccentricity, gradually become oval down, more to the bottom, the partial the oval, until the bottom and the thrust plate connection point pursuit for arc line. Due to the Middle East jaw movement trajectory of a point on discharge is more complex, so called complex oscillating China jaw crusher.

During the sand production line, pe jaw crusher is the third process fine, fine jaw crusher, crushing the stone into the vibrating sieve sieve to separate the two stones, meet the sand making machine feed particle size stones into the mechanism of sand sand, another part of the expected return into fine broken again, the fineness of primary jaw crusher broken out can be up to 10 mm – 105 mm, according to the customer’s demand.

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Something You Need to Know about Combination Crusher

Compound cone crusher (hereinafter referred to as composite broken) broken is larger, the grain-size can be adjusted, and is not affected by plate hammer, liner wear; Article screen Settings, the broken high water content and silt content of material is not easy to jam;Enter not broken by the elastic adjusting mechanism can automatically discharge, not cause equipment damage; Bearing horizontal layout, long life, can break high temperature materials (such as cement clinker); Turn the native daughter structure is unique, materials, broken turn daughter almost don“t wear; Cavity after the establishment of a screw or hydraulic open institution, wearing parts of combination crusher can be easily replaced.

Combination Crusher

Compound conecrusher has a history of more than one hundred years. As early as 1860 to 1878 had several patent puts forward the principle of compound cone crusher design, but due to the mechanical parts design can not meet the use demand levels and unsuccessful.After more than ten years, until 1880 by Pbiletus W, Gates is designed with modern characteristics of compound crusher, the same year the U.S. iron Gates formally manufacturing factory, the following year the patent right, then called the crusher Gates compound cone crusher. combination Crusher is a rotating shaft side ore. Compound cone crusher, which can also be called combination crusher, is a new product used for fine crushing and primary crushing and it is efficient, energy-saving, less wear and tear. It is widely used in building material, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, energy and other industries for crushing brittle materials that is below medium hardness, such as limestone, cement chamotte and so on.

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How to Optimize the Parameters of Primary Stone Crusher?

The jaw crusher China is also called the jaw breaker and primary jaw crusher, stone jaw crushers, which fulfills crushing by imitating the moving of animals“ jaw. It has been widely used in many fields, such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemistry and so on. But do you know How to Optimize the Parameters of Primary Stone Crusher?

(1) discharge port and feed port dynamic jaw horizontal stroke: if the lower stroke if too small, the material by extrusion pressure is small, will greatly reduce the productivity.But if too large, it could in the discharging mouth due to the material extrusion and make the crushing force increased dramatically, overload and damage the part.Therefore, the lower part of crusher travel generally is not greater than the smallest size of discharging mouth 0.70 to 0.75 times.For the upper trip, must not be greater than that of the spindle eccentricity 2-2.2 times.

Jaw crusher

(2) the moving jaw feature values: in tooth Angle of a certain case, the characteristics of the moving jaw value related to the stand or fall of crushing effect.Vertical travel has prompted discharging effect, but will intensify tooth plate relative to rub dynamic friction wear, affecting the service life of tooth plate, under the condition of determines the level of travel, jaw is usually requested feature values as small as possible.

(3) bite Angle of jaw crusher China: bite Angle alpha 2 or less tg – 1 f, f is the coefficient of friction between tooth plate and materials, general 18 ° or less alpha 22 ° or less.

(4) eccentricity: in the actual production, eccentricity often into series, range is narrow, generally known as parameters to consider.

(5) moving jaw ride height: general: h acuities were 0.1 L „, „L is moving jaw suspension point to the discharging mouth spacing in the activity of tooth surface projection value.

6 swing Angle of jaw crusher China: in order to ensure the bracket and the bracket is rolling friction between pad, to extend the service life of the bracket and the bracket pad, bracket swinging Angle should not exceed bracket and the bracket pad contact twice in friction Angle.

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