Why do We Call It as Pendulum Jaw Crusher?

Jaw crusher machine is mainly used for primarily crushing the raw materials, so that is also called primary jaw crusher or primary crushers. China Jaw crusher is one of the most important crushing machines in the stone crushing production line. It can be not only used for crushing stone materials, pebble and coal and be called stone jaw crusher, but used for manufacturing cement aggregate. But do you know Why do We Call It as Pendulum Jaw Crusher China ?

The top of the moving jaw hanging on the eccentric shaft directly, as a connecting rod connecting rod, a new direct drive pain of eccentric shaft, the lower end of the moving jaw hinge connecting thrust plate support after the frame of the wall.When the eccentric shaft rotation, the trajectories of each point on the moving jaw is a circular line of suspension (radius) is equal to the eccentricity, gradually become oval down, more to the bottom, the partial the oval, until the bottom and the thrust plate connection point pursuit for arc line. Due to the Middle East jaw movement trajectory of a point on discharge is more complex, so called complex oscillating China jaw crusher.

During the sand production line, pe jaw crusher is the third process fine, fine jaw crusher, crushing the stone into the vibrating sieve sieve to separate the two stones, meet the sand making machine feed particle size stones into the mechanism of sand sand, another part of the expected return into fine broken again, the fineness of primary jaw crusher broken out can be up to 10 mm – 105 mm, according to the customer’s demand.

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