How to Optimize the Parameters of Primary Stone Crusher?

The jaw crusher China is also called the jaw breaker and primary jaw crusher, stone jaw crushers, which fulfills crushing by imitating the moving of animals“ jaw. It has been widely used in many fields, such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemistry and so on. But do you know How to Optimize the Parameters of Primary Stone Crusher?

(1) discharge port and feed port dynamic jaw horizontal stroke: if the lower stroke if too small, the material by extrusion pressure is small, will greatly reduce the productivity.But if too large, it could in the discharging mouth due to the material extrusion and make the crushing force increased dramatically, overload and damage the part.Therefore, the lower part of crusher travel generally is not greater than the smallest size of discharging mouth 0.70 to 0.75 times.For the upper trip, must not be greater than that of the spindle eccentricity 2-2.2 times.

Jaw crusher

(2) the moving jaw feature values: in tooth Angle of a certain case, the characteristics of the moving jaw value related to the stand or fall of crushing effect.Vertical travel has prompted discharging effect, but will intensify tooth plate relative to rub dynamic friction wear, affecting the service life of tooth plate, under the condition of determines the level of travel, jaw is usually requested feature values as small as possible.

(3) bite Angle of jaw crusher China: bite Angle alpha 2 or less tg – 1 f, f is the coefficient of friction between tooth plate and materials, general 18 ° or less alpha 22 ° or less.

(4) eccentricity: in the actual production, eccentricity often into series, range is narrow, generally known as parameters to consider.

(5) moving jaw ride height: general: h acuities were 0.1 L „, „L is moving jaw suspension point to the discharging mouth spacing in the activity of tooth surface projection value.

6 swing Angle of jaw crusher China: in order to ensure the bracket and the bracket is rolling friction between pad, to extend the service life of the bracket and the bracket pad, bracket swinging Angle should not exceed bracket and the bracket pad contact twice in friction Angle.

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